Add the Power of Cisco Contact Center to Salesforce CRM


ConnectCXTM lets agents handle
inbound support calls, from
inside the Salesforce application


Merge Cisco support software with CRM apps and save time for customers
and agents

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ConnectCXTM combines Cisco contact centers software with Salesforce,
creating a single interface for your agents to work in.



ConnectCXTM puts inbound call handling inside Salesforce CRM

With ConnectCXTM contact center agents can answer support calls from within Salesforce. ConnectCXTM gives your contact center agents the ability to provide a full customer experience for clients without having to click in and out of Salesforce and into other contact center apps.

Integrating Cisco call center software with Salesforce gives agents a rounded view of the customer they’re interacting with...READ MORE

Embedding points of customer contact within your Salesforce application gives agents the ability to coherently handle any form of customer interaction, while having the tools available to improve efficiency and optimize customer experience…READ LESS

• Expanded Salesforce functions
• Automatic logging
• One-click dialing
• Full telephony functions
• Screen pops
• Real-time control
• Proven architecture


Cost effective multichannel contact center integration with leading CRM vendors

Integrating Cisco call center software with Salesforce quickly gives agents an immediate understanding of the customer they’re interacting with. ConnectCXTM makes support resolutions happen faster, amplifying calls handled metrics and boosting customer experience.

Moving from window to window on your desktop takes time and leaves customers waiting. Giving a single dashboard to support customers saves time and improves customer satisfaction.


ConnectCXTM reduces labor cost and increases efficiency by:

    • Unifying applications agents have to interact with
    • Leverage the power of Salesforce with every interaction
    • Agents can see customer interaction history immediately,
      minimizing redundant questions which speeds up call durations
    • Integrate Salesforce data into your call routing platform
      and laser-focus where you direct support inquiries
    • Simplify the way agents work, only make them
      navigate through one interface
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