Customer Experience Software for Cisco Contact Centers


Market leading Outbound multi-channel predictive dialer and campaign manager. Integrates tightly with both UCCX & UCCE.

OutboundCX is an accelerated omnichannel campaign management and fulfillment application. Easily and instantly run and manage outbound voice, email, and SMS campaigns. With built-in automation, running campaigns has never been more efficient. Plus, an intuitive reporting back end shows campaign results in real-time as they’re carried out.


Cost effective CRM and Cisco agent desktop connectors available for applications including Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics.

ConnectCX unifies customer service software with your CRM application. Agents can handle inbound omnichannel support requests from within your CRM application. Combining applications saves support agents time and boosts productivity.


Gauge customer satisfaction with computer-aided voice, SMS, and email surveys.

SuveyCX can be setup to run surveys with or without agent intervention. Smooth out customer pain points and draw actionable insights from customer driven statistics. Take the guess work out of customer satisfaction and provide the best service possible.


Mobile number look up and customer validation with inbound and outbound SMS message integration.

MessageCX provides agents with up to date customer information based on mobile phone numbers. MessageCX also integrates SMS messages with any form of customer/ agent contact, streamlining points of customer interaction and minimizing average contact length.

Discover how ContactCX software products can make your contact center work smarter and run faster, increasing value and optimizing points of customer interaction.

Cameo Global’s ContactCX applications are made to operate with Cisco UCCE and UCCX contact center solutions. Our 360° understanding of contact centers molded with our heightened software development expertise, drives our ability to create powerful customer experience tools that contribute to your organization’s bottom line savings and heightened productivity. Let our expert advisors show you how easy it can be to get started.