Mobile Identity Data & SMS Integration
for Cisco Contact Centers


First, MessageCXTM shows complete customer info before connecting a call, then enables SMS messaging support to validated numbers at any time


Reduce call handle times while increasing security. Integrate SMS messaging throughout your customer support process.

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MessageCXTM for mobile number validation, customer information and SMS messaging integration



Integrate customer identity data & SMS messaging into any Cisco contact center

Cartoon graphic of phone with SMSLandline phone numbers were the primary means of identifying callers in the 20th century, now mobile numbers are the best way to validate customer information in the 21st century. MessageCXTM is a two-component software product that identifies and validates customer data, and integrates that data with SMS messaging into any component of your Cisco UCCE and UCCX contact center.

  • Catch discrepancies and identify fraudulent callers
  • Weed-out and eliminate caller SPAM
  • Prioritize call & service requests based on customer information
  • Access real-time caller demographic data
  • Optimize customer experience and agent productivity
  • Validate customer information surrounding customer name, phone number, email addresses, physical addresses, and IP information
  • Easily update customer information in real time


A robust messaging platform designed to drive productivity

MessageCXTM leverages a database of +600 million mobile name and number matches, as well as +275 million person-to-address matches. Ensuring that:

  • The customer calling is in fact who they say they are
  • If the customer’s number can receive SMS messages
  • If this number is on a Do Not Call (DNC) list

MessageCXTM can integrate SMS messaging into any part of your customer service process:

  • If queues are too long customers can have the option of text messaging support reps
  • Auto-send SMS messages for appointment reminders
  • SMS messages are quicker and more flexible than calls
  • SMS messages give customers a painless way to regularly interact with your company, improving customer experience and humanizing your brand