Outbound Voice, Email, and SMS Campaign Software for Cisco Contact Centers


Run and manage outbound voice, email, and SMS campaigns, made for Cisco UCCE & UCCX contact centers.


Combine Voice and Email to increase conversions with feature-rich engagement software and get the most out of your outbound sales initiatives. Use SMS for one, or multiple campaigns.


Use built-in reporting to track, measure, and review agent productivity historically or in real-time.

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OutboundCXTM brings an added level of functionality, integration, and reporting into your Cisco UCCX & UCCE solution.


Software Designed for Any
Cisco Contact Center

Outbound Campaigns for Cisco UCCE, PCCE, UCCX, and HCS platforms

OutboundCXTM is specialized contact center software designed to successfully execute and manage outbound voice, email, and SMS campaigns from your Cisco contact center.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s not enough for your contact center to passively wait for service requests or to only support voice calls....READ MORE

Contact centers need to proactively engage with current and potential customers through email, SMS, and web chat. With OutboundCXTM agents have the right contact center software in place to actively start conversations with current and potential customers, while providing your supervisors with the proper statistics and reports to make impactful business decisions regarding your contact center.…READ LESS

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What's Inside

Powerful, easy-to-use omni-channel campaign management

SMS Integration

OutboundCXTM lets you run purely outbound SMS campaigns from your Cisco UCCE...READ MORE

or UCCX contact center, or it can be configured to execute outbound SMS messages in support of voice and email campaigns. For example if voice calls and email messages to a customer aren’t yielding a timely or adequate response, then OutboundCXTM can be setup to automatically send SMS messages once a certain number of unsuccessful attempts have been made..READ LESS

Multi-Campaign Integration

OutboundCXTM is one of the few contact center software applications that lets...READ MORE

 you run multiple outbound campaigns at once, each with a unique script for the agent to follow once a call is connected...READ LESS

Real-time Agent Analytics

Track your agent’s productivity in real-time. With OutboundCXTM supervisors have the...READ MORE

 proper contact center software available that shows how successful agents are in any given campaign at any given time. This purpose built analytics platform for Cisco UCCE and UCCX deployments gives you precision insight into how productive your agents are historically and in real-time...READ LESS

DNC List Segmentation

Integrate numerous do not call lists into your outbound contact center campaign, ...READ MORE

keeping your customers happy and your business compliant…READ LESS

Third-Party Integration

Integrate Cameo Global’s purpose-built middleware and connect...READ MORE

 any third party database that you’re currently using. OutboundCXTM is one of the few contact center software products that can integrate nearly any third party database into your outbound campaign…READ LESS

Finesse Ready

OutboundCXTM is built to run in unison with Cisco Finesse for UCCE and UCCX. Cisco...READ MORE

 Finesse is a browser-based contact center software application designed to save money on hardware while increasing functionality…READ LESS

Human Recognition

OutboundCXTM integrates with Cameo Global’s proprietary DetectCXTM, an intelligent...READ MORE

 software application that can identify when a human has answered an automatic call, then transfer that call to an available agent within a fraction of a second…READ LESS

Browser-based Flexibility

OutboundCXTM is browser based so your campaigns can run on a lighter platform, while...READ MORE

 ensuring you always have the latest version available…READ LESS


High performance reporting software for complex contact centers

• Smarter management with applied analytics for actionable insights

• Analyze customer data throughout the agent’s interaction

• Split-test campaigns and zero-in on the most impactful campaign strategy

• Gain visibility and drive bottom line growth