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Our specially built omnichannel survey software integrates with your
Cisco contact center


Grow customer loyalty and strengthen relationships to maximize
customer experience

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SurveyCXTM is a specially built outbound survey software application that supports email, voice, and SMS message surveys.



SurveyCXTM fully integrates with Cisco UCCE & UCCX contact centers and
can be configured to run any number of surveys through any channel.

SurveyCXTM is Cameo’s outbound survey software application that supports email, voice, and SMS message surveys. Like all ContactCXTM products, SurveyCXTM is made to run on the Cisco UCCE and UCCX contact center platform. Unlike other outbound survey applications SurveyCXTM can execute any type of omni-channel survey on its own, without the need for agent management or intervention, letting your agents focus on more demanding support inquiries while still gathering valuable customer satisfaction data.



Customer insights that drive performance management

Customer loyalty grows from positive interactions between companies and customers. Cameo’s survey software application for Cisco UCCE and UCCX lets you to zero-in on your happiest customers so can replicate their experience across your organization.

At the same time SurveyCXTM pinpoints areas of customer strain and frustration, giving you actionable insight you can use to smooth out your customer service offering.

Automate the process of collecting customer satisfaction data that travels through your contact center, and act on under performing points of customer interaction before they become revenue impacting.